Chris Craig is a producer of all facets of communication, including on-line and offline programs. His skills encompass design, information architecture, writing, and media development. From his state-of-the-art facilities, Chris Craig creates programs that effectively market, train, and sell by telling stories in a compelling and easy-to-understand way.

Since 1979, Chris Craig has been active in media production in the San Francisco Bay Area. For 13 years, Chris ran all creative production at Avid Productions, a pioneering digital television production company. He then directed the creative process at Broadchoice, Inc., a digital agency, as Chief Creative Officer and VP of Production and established the standards of quality throughout the company’s processes. Now as an independent producer, he creates programs in support of corporate marketing, sales, advertising, public relations, training and human relations.

While Chris works up and down the West Coast and around the world, he lives in the Willamette Valley of beautiful Oregon. In quiet times, he, his wife Liz, and their five kids love boating, fishing, crabbing, camping, skiing and taking care of their dog, cat, chickens, pigs and turtle on their property.