HD & 4K Video Production

4K is about more than just creating programs for movie theaters and the 4K television owning market. It enables a whole new world of possibilities in post-production for web-based videos as well. With 4K, editing a single camera shoot is infinitely more flexible with the ability to zoom into tighter shots while maintaining full resolution on a 720P or 1080P final output. And with 10-bit recording, keys have never been cleaner.Resolution Formats

Whether you’re looking for a multi-camera solution for ultra-high-end cinematic images,  a talking head in tight spaces, action images mounted on vehicles or anything in between, CCP has a production package that will give you the results you want.

  • Sony a7s, a99, a77
  • Sony FS7 MkII
  • Sony FS700
  • Panasonic HVX-200s
  • GoPro Hero Blacks